153508 TA-4F Skyhawk, H & MS-12
1/72 Scale Fujimi
I originally started this kit for Robert Dwyer as a TA-4J but he wanted his in landing configuration.
Since I already had all the flaps up and gear door closed, I had to get another kit and start over on his

What to do with the one I started? The kit came with markings for TA-4F #153508, H & MS-12. I did
some research and found that #153508 had served in SEA and had some history. Great, that's what I'll

Finished with Model Master enamels. Marking were supplied with the kit. The badge for the stand I
drew with Corel Draw 9 and printed with my Alps printer. 750 lb. GP bombs came from a Revell F-105
kit an the AGM-12Bs came from a Hasegawa weapons set.

#153508 was lost 26 May 1972 while serving with H & MS-15, MAG-15 stationed at DaNang. Capt. W.
Ramsbottom and CW02 B. Boltz both survived. MAG-15 had a small number of TA-4F Skyhawks for
Fast FAC, recon and other duties. On a recon mission, the crew spotted an enemy tank about 15 miles
northwest of Hue and decided to strafe it with 20mm cannon fire. While pulling up from it's first run, it
was hit in the aft fuselage by an SA-7 shoulder fired missile. Although badly damaged, the crew made it
to the water but were forced to eject about 10 miles southeast of the airfield and were rescued. CW02
Boltz was killed on 6 October while flying on a Naval gunfire observation mission in a USAF OV-10.
This was the last TA-4F the Marines lost out of a total of 10 with 3 fatalities.