Another aircraft my good friend Bob Dwyer commissioned me to do. The Trumpeter kit #2242 is
the most accurate available if you want to do an SBD Dauntless in 1/32 scale. Retailing at a pricey
$143 plus shipping, I found it on the net for $115 plus shipping, it does build into a nice replica of
a Dauntless. Lots of nice detail to build it out of the box but if you want to go nuts, Eduard makes
interior and exterior detail sets for it.

The SBD-2 now resides at the Pima Air Museum, Tucson, AZ.
The instrument panel comes in clear plastic. I
drilled out the instrument holes making it easier
to paint. Glued the instrument film to the back
and backed it up with thin white plastic sheet
making the instruments show up better.
The kit comes with just pilot lap belts. Before
the start of WWII, all SBDs had lap belts for
the pilot and gunner and shoulder harness for
the pilot  installed. I used Eduard set 32-588. It
comes precolored so no need to paint.   
Interior is Model Master 1715 FS34151 Interior
Green. Black is Model Master 2735 Black Chrome
Trim. A satin black that doesn't wear off as fast as
flat black when you have to handle it.
Holes for spark
plugs are molded in
the front. I drilled
them bigger and
added holes in the
rear of the heads.
Cut small pieces of
wire insulation for
the spark plus. I
didn't put them in
the rear. You don't
see them. Used
copper wire for the
Model Master acrylic clear over Model Master enamel
colors with Yellow Wings Decals then dull coat.

Antenna made with horse hair.
I didn't want this one to meet the same fate as the FJ-3 I did for Bob. Hand made the Styrofoam  insert
for the box so the airplane could not move . Put the box in a bigger box with air bags and Styrofoam
popcorn all around it. Shipped it USPS Express Next Day. As you can see in the photos, it made it!!!
I did another one for Bob to replace the one at
Pima.The Eduard set 32-588 is no longer
Displayed at the Pima Air Museum, Tucson, AZ.
At Bob's house.