67-0362 F-4E  Phantom II
555 TFS/432 TRW, Udorn RTAB
8 July 1972
1/32 Scale Revell
Kyle Kirby of the Hickory Aviation Museum, Hickory, NC. asked me to build this for them. This is the F-4E
that then Captains Steve Ritchie and Chuck DeBellvue flew on their double MIG 21 killing MIGCAP Mission
on 8 July 1972. We decided to do it as it appeared pre-mission that day with a load out of 4-AIM 7Es, 4-AIM
9Es, AN/ALQ101(V)6 ECM pod, AN/ALQ87 ECM pod and wing tanks. Aircraft was detached to the 432 TRW
at Udorn RTAB between 29/4/72 and 14/10/72 from the 58 TFS/33 TFW, Eglin AFB, FL. It retained the TAC
badges, ED tail code, 58 TFS/33 TFW badges of Eglin while serving with the 432 TRW.

67-0362 at this time had not received the slatted wing mod. It did however receive the formation lights and
Midas V gun muzzle mod. The Revell kit has the slatted wing so in order to make the correct F-4E, I had to use
the hard wing from their RF-4C kit which I happen to have.

Kyle wanted an accurate replica of 362 so research was in order. Researching came up with conflicting ways in
which it was marked. Kyle found a web site with actual photos of 362 returning from this mission taxing in and
parking. This is probably the most accurate rendition of this aircraft in 1/32 scale.

I used the Legends cockpit set which leaves something to be desired. Biggest complaint,
no instructions. Lots of
hours of tedious filing and sanding. They used kit parts for the panel molds. Well, the kit front panel is wrong.
Brass photo etch is included for the canopies but I found it useless. Nothing fit. Most of it was closer to the
Tamiya kit.

The AN/ALQ101 ECM pod isn't available in 1/32 scale so I had to scratch build one. I found the actual
dimension on the web. I used 5/16" diameter hardwood dowel, cut it to length and chucked it in my drill press
to round the ends. Cut off the gondola on the bottom of an AN/ALQ119 pod and glued it to the bottom of the
dowel. Sanded and painted.

Finished with Model Master enamels. Engine exhaust areas were done with Metalizer. Intake lips were done
with Bare Metal Foil. RBF flags are from the Tamiya F-15E kit. AIM-9 seeker covers were made from strips cut
from a glossy magazine page. All the badging, data plate, tail code, serial and markings for the ECM pods  
were made with Corel Draw and printed with my Alps printer.

Model resides at the Hickory Aviation Museum, Hickory, NC