69-0286 F-4G   WILD WEASEL V
81 TFS/52 TFW, Spangdahlem AB, Germany
31 December 1993
1/32 Scale Revell
At 'Spang" after returning from Desert Storm wearing Radar Site Kill markings. Although there are
only 4 kills on the vari-ramp, 0286 was officially credited with 8 kills during the war.

From July to December of 1990, 69-0286 flew every month logging more sorties (143) for more hours
(243.7) than any other F-4G assigned to the 52 TFW. Source: "Monthly 7104 Report for F-4G and F-16
Aircraft", Jul-Dec 90, 52 TFW/MASP

09 May 1997 was converted to QF-4G FSAT drone.

09 February 2000 -Nineth flight- KILLED. Second NULLO, F-15 (142 FW) WESEP HI & FAST-AIM
120 KILL.

Model resides at the Hickory Aviation Museum, Hickory, NC