87-0201 F-15E Strike Eagle
1/32 Scale Revell
A Revell kit I was asked to do that was released back in the '80s. It was based on 71-0291, the
second F-15B produced. It is not right for the later aircraft used in Desert Storm. However, the
customer wanted later markings put on it.

This kit is nowhere near the quality of the Tamiya kit. It does have recessed panel lines which are
nice. The only weapons it comes with are 16 inert 500 lb. bombs, AIM-9s and a GE gun pod.
Ejection seats are ESCAPAC IC-7s which were replaced by ACES II seats after block 17 aircraft.
Decal quality was typical Revell of the period, heavy glue.  
I mentioned the heavy glue that the Revel decals have. This is what it does in the recessed
panel lines. It turns tan! Could be because the decals are almost 30 years old. Don't know. I
do know that Micro Set or Sol did not have any effect on them or air trapped in some of the
other markings. Tail marking are what I had left from the Tamiya kit I did.
I loaded it up with 16 Mk-20 Rockeyes and a GBU-10 on the centerline. Weapons came from
another Tamiya F-15E kit I have. There are a total of 36 RBF flags on it!
Installed ACES II seats from Quickboost.  Be aware, the Quickboost seats do not come with
rails. They do come with a center eject handle that has to be attached. The F-15E does not
have a center eject handle!