The AH-64A "Apache" represents the culmination of a lengthy program sponsored by the United States
Army to develope an improved, second-generation armed attack helicopter.

The AH-64 is 58 feet 3 inches long and is equipped with a four bladed main rotor that spans 48 feet in
diameter. The rotor blades are unique in that the blade tips are swept for noise suppression purposes.

Typical armament includes M200 Rocket Pods each carrying nineteen 2.75" diameter Rockets, TOW
Anitank Missiles and the "Hellfire" laser homing antitank missiles. Under the nose is the lethal M230
Chain Gun armed with 1200 rounds of 30mm ammunition.

Fully loaded, the "Apache"weighs in excess of 14,400 pounds and has a top speed of 200 mph. Crewed by
a two man crew seated in special seats that are protected with ceramic armor panels.
23824 AH-64A Apache
Fort Bragg, NC
1/32 Scale Revell
Revell released this kit in the late '80s. It's not a bad kit. However, I've had this kit since then and it
hasn't been stored in a climate controlled environment. The Fuselage and Canopy warped. Got the
Fuselage straightened out bu the Canopy was a Bitch!! To get it on the Helicopter, I had to glue it in
sections, clamp/rubber band it, leave over night and do the same the next day. Took 3 days.

It's the first time I used all acrylic (water base) paint to do a model. I painted the Canopy separate and
with all the handling I had to do to get the Canopy mounted, some of the Dull-coat wore off edges of the
Helicopter. I was gonna try to fix it but it kinda gives it a used look.
Cockpit is pretty nice but this kit was pre-glass Cockpit days. No one makes a Detail Set for it.
Masking the Cockpit took a few days.
Don't expect to use the kit decals. I tried. Even after taping them in a sunny window for a few days, the
glue turned yellow. I made new ones.