N6162A Douglas DC-8-63
Airlift International
1/144 Scale Minicraft
Airlift International was founded as Riddle Airlines by John Paul Riddle in 1945 in
Miami, Florida as a charter and freight airline. In 1965, it became Airlift
International. In 1968, Airlift Intl. expanded and acquired Slick Airways.

The freight schedule was augmented by charter flights to South America and the
military but by 1981 Airlift International went into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for
reorganization. Following the reorganization the DC-8-54, the Fairchild FH-227 and
the Fokker F.27 were used.

Due to financial problems during 1990 and 1991, Airlift International ceased
operations in 1991.
The Douglas DC-8 is one of the earliest jet powered commercial passenger aircraft.
In the decade following its maiden flight, the DC-8 established commercial transport
world records for speed, altitude, distance and payload.

The Series 63 was the final new build variant of the DC-8 and entered service in June
1968. It had the long fuselage of the -61, the aerodynamic refinements and increased
fuel capacity of the -62 and 19,000 lb (85.1 kN) JT3D-7 engines. This allowed a
maximum take off weight of 350,000 pounds (158,760 kg) and a range with full
payload of 4,110 nautical miles (7,610 km; 4,730 mi). Like the -62 available as a
cargo door equipped -63CF or all cargo -63AF. The freighters had a further increase
in mtow to 355,000 pounds (161,030 kg). Eastern Airlines bought 6 -63PFs with the
strengthened floor of the freighters but no cargo door. 41 DC-8-63s were built, plus
53 -63CF, 7 -63AF and the 6 -63PFs.
Model finished with Testors Model Master enamel. Wings finished with Bare Metal
Foil.  Decals/Markings are not available. I drew them with Corel Draw and printed
them with my ALPS Printer.

Base was done the usual way. See Custom Desktop link below.