SA-R-1 Douglas DC-3
I was asked to do this by Kyle Kirby, Curator of the Hickory Aviation Museum, and Bob Morgan a
volunteer at the museum. Click on the links for more fascinating info about Bob Morgan and of coarse
the link for more info about the Hickory Aviation Museum

A 1/48 scale Trumpeter C-47B kit finished with Bare Metal foil and Metalizer. Markings for the decals
were drawn with Corel Draw X5 and printed on an ALPS printer. An aftermarket cockpit set was
installed. No interior detail was added, except for the small area behind the flight deck, as the windows
in the real aircraft had tan curtains covering them. I used tan paper to mimic that. Wood base came
from a commercially made aircraft that was refinished, markings applied followed by numerous coats of
Minwax clear gloss acrylic and polished. Bob has a book on these aircraft that helped immensely getting
the details correct.

SA-R-1 currently resides at the museum where it will remain a tangible piece of history.
FDR met with King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud at the Great Bitter Lake (part of the Suez Canal) aboard USS
Quincy (CA-71) around February 14, 1945. The talks basically involved Jewish immigration into
Palestine and other issues including defense and of coarse….oil. Also in attendance were King Farouk of
Egypt and Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia!
Soon thereafter, he made a brand new Douglas C-47B a gift to the King. It was taken to Glendale, Ca.
where it was plushed out and modified to be worthy of the King. This took some considerable time and it
was finally delivered in August of 1946 to Riyadh or Jeddah. Churchill also gave him a Rolls Royce. SA-R-
1 was eventually given another compliment of two additional C-47's as SA-R-2 and 3! The winning
powers of WW II were keenly aware of the oil riches in Saudi Arabia and were positioning themselves
politically for the brave new world.
Basically, it was here in the Great Bitter Lake that SA-R-1 came into existence aboard USS Quincy (CA-
Origin of SA-R-1
Bob flew King Ibn Saud in TWA C-47s prior to the arrival of the Royal aircraft while flying with Aramco.
His log books have him flying all three Royal aircraft until his departure from the Middle East!
Cargo door was modified for passenger use only as it was on the real aircraft.