427 SOHC
To compete with the all new Chrysler Hemi engine in NASCAR racing, Ford secretly developed an
overhead cam version of the high performance 427 Fe engine block. The legendary 427 SOHC was
born. Known as the Hemi-Cammer, it weighed in at 680 pounds and was virtually hand built. The
hemispherical combustion chambers with 2.5 inch intake valves and overhead cams transformed the
427 Wedge into a serious power plant. Factory rating were 615 hp. @7000 rpm with a single four
barrel and 657 hp. @7500 rpm with dual quads.

The Hemi-Cammer, due to regulation changes, was eliminated for use in NASCAR racing. It did gain
some NHRA fame at the drag strip in AA/FD and AA/FC competition. A few guys even crammed it in
their Cobras. Although an awesome and impressive engine, it was short lived. Parts and pieces were
very expensive and factory support just wasn't there.

Revell released these engine kits a few years back and they are really neat.. They consisted of the Ford
427, 427 SOHC, 427 SOHC Dragster, Chrysler 426 Hemi, 426 Hemi Dragster  and  the Chevy small
block and 427. I don't know how many are still available. No painting is necessary and minimal gluing
is required. The major pieces screw together and a small screwdriver is supplied in the kit. The
detailing is amazing. Building it strait out of the box, you can have one done in a few hours. Now if
they'd come out with 1/6 scale cars to put them in we'd really have something.

I built it out of the box. I did paint some of the small details like carb linkage, nuts and bolt heads. I
also painted inside the air cleaner and valve cover fins with a water based acrylic. You can brush it in
the recesses and wipe off any excess with a damp cloth. The only water base I have (I don't particularly
care for water base paint) is FS15050 Blue Angels blue and luckily it matches the Ford blue nicely.  
The block is the correct Ford engine blue. The intake is silver. The real intake is aluminum and the
silver doesn't portray it properly. Overall, they're cool kits. I might even do a Chrysler or a Chevy.
Imagine that!