In '74 I bought a '67 Shelby GT-500,
dual quad 428 and a C-6 automatic with
12,000 miles on it for $1,600. It didn't
take much to burn the tires off of it.
This was my hobby car. Couldn't wait
for the summer car shows and cruisin'.
The car is featured on the Automobile
Quarterly "Striped Lightning" poster
and in Volume 16, Issue 8 of their
publication. What a neat car. Turned
heads everywhere I took it. I sold the
car in '88 for $13,000! Damn!
(Precision Replicas)
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'66 Fairlane 427
AMT/ERTL 1/25 Scale
'63 Galaxie 500XL
AMT/ERTL 1/25 Scale
'64 Fairlane Thunderbolt   
Revell 1/25 Scale
My first car was a white '59
Ford Galaxie, 352 V-8, 2 barrel
and 2 speed Ford-o-matic.
What a tank. Man I used to
beat the crap out of it. Blew it
up one day.
'87 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
Monogram 1/25 Scale
'64 289 Competition Cobra  
Marsh Models 1/43 Scale
in 1/43 Scale
289 AC Cobra  Roadster
Monogram 1/43 Scale
289 AC Cobra  Roadster
Monogram 1/43 Scale
289 AC Cobra  Roadster
Monogram 1/43 Scale
Between the '63 and '85 I had a couple of family cars. A '67 Rambler station wagon, what a piece of crap, and a '76 Maverick
which turned into a rust bucket piece of crap real fast. I know, it's a Ford. Definitely not one of their better ideas.
289 AC Cobra  Roadster
Monogram 1/43 Scale
'06 Mustang GT Maisto
1/24 Scale Die Cast
'06 Mustang GT
Revell 1/24 Scale
427 Ford Fe Engine
Revell 1/6 Scale
427 SOHC Ford  Engine
Revell 1/6 Scale
427 SOHC Ford  AA/FD
Revell 1/6 Scale
427 Cobra Engine
Revell 1/6 Scale
'67 Belvedere GTX Hemi
Revell 1/25 Scale
Next was a '63 Galaxie 500
XL, 390 V-8, 4 barrel and 3
speed automatic. Another tank
but a good car. Served me well
till I retired it to the bone yard.
Some of my automobile modeling. You'll probably notice most of it is Fords. That's because
I've been a Ford enthusiast l
ong before I was old enough to drive.
In '85 I bought a new Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and in '88 I
traded it in and bought another Turbo Coupe. Both great cars. I
kept the
'88 for 15 years. Sold it in '03 for $2,700 with 114,000
miles on it.
You could drive that car for 12 hours and never
knew you did. I still miss it.
That's what makes me a FORD man.
'64 Fairlane Thunderbolt   
Revell 1/25 Scale
'70 Mustang Mach 1, 351C 4V
Revell 1/24 Scale
Garage Diorame Revell
Testors/ Fujimi 1/24 Scale
'70 Mustang Boss 429
Revell 1/24 Scale
'69 Mach I Cobra Jet
Revell 1/25 Scale
'70 Mustang Boss 302
Revell 1/24 Scale
July '03 I bought  new loaded Acura CL Type S, 6 speed to replace
the T-Bird. Nice car, lots of power. Closest thing I could find to the
'88 Turbo Coupe but it didn't ride as nice or handle as good as the
T-Bird.........and I miss looking down that long hood. Traded it
Aug. 2012
with 17,000 miles on it to get my next toy.
After 24 years, I decided to get back into the car hobby. Yes, in my
60s. '70 Mach 1, 351C 4V, 4 Speed, 3.50 Traction Loc. 1 of 171
this color and 1 of 52 this color/trim. Not a Shelby and not the ride
of the Turbo Coupe but it's nice. Not perfect but I'll probably get it
there someday.  What a blast to drive! A FORD guy again and
have a long hood to look down again!!!
'05 Mustang GT
Revell 1/25 Scale
'07 Mustang Convertible
Revell 1/25 Scale