1964 FAIRLANE 500
1964.....Lightweight Ford Fairlanes terrorized the super stock ranks in drag racing across the country.
These machines were specially-built, limited-production machines created to dominate Super Stock
drag racing. "TOTAL PERFORMANCE" was alive and well in Dearborn! Ford contracted Dearborn
Steel and Tube Company to build these racing machines designed solely for quarter mile competition.
In total, DTS built 100 cars, but the first and second production runs of 11 and 39 cars were most
significant as they qualified the potent Thunderbolts for competition in the Super Stock and Super
Stock/Automatic classes.

The steel front bumper, fenders and rear bumper were replaced with fiberglass replicas. NHRA rules
mandated a change to aluminum bumpers. The 427 V-8 was equipped with dual Holley four barrel
carbs, High-Rise cylinder heads and aluminum intake manifold. Quoted at 425 hp., the actual output
was nearly 500!

The Thunderbolts were capable of blasting through the quarter mile in 11.76 seconds at speeds in
excess of 122 miles per hour! Not bad in 1964.
There are still some of these awesome machines around in the hands of collectors. Some still race them
at nostalgia drag racing events around the country.
I added plug wires with the correct firing order (15426378) and fuel lines. Drilled out the vents in hood
bubble.  The kit included two different style wheels. Keystone and another I can't identify. Since I used
Keystone's on the previous Thunderbolt, I used the other ones and the kit tires. Exterior is finished with
Model Master Black Metallic,  sanded and polished. The engine block was finished with authentic Ford
Blue. Bare Metal Foil was used on all chrome trim on exterior and interior. Bumpers were stripped, all
defects repaired and painted silver.