Cajon Pass
On a trip to Big Bear Lake in the San Bernadino mountains, to find some F-4 parts, I literally stumbled
on Cajon Pass. Needless to say, I spent some time there. I found a vantage point where you could see the
trains leaving the LA valley and follow them all the way to the pass.
Upper switching yard where they drop the
pushers. Pushers then head down the Valley
for another train. I didn't spend much time
there. A RR security guy was watching me
closely and getting all kinds of nervous. And
this was befor 9-11.
Lower pass. This is near the I-15 and Rt 38 Interchange. Lots of places to pull over and take pictures
without going on  RR property.
Top of the pass. This is along Rt. 138 heading into
the San Bernadino mountains to Big Bear Lake.  
It's elevation is high but it's still in the desert. A
number of good vantage points for photos that are
not on RR property. I could have spent much
more time here but I had to get up to Edwards
AFB for the following morning.
View down the Valley.